Gearing up with gearboxes


Inside a gearbox

What’s a gearbox? Gearboxes are mechanical devices that use gears and shaft assembles to provide speed from a power source like an electric motor to another machine.

Gearboxes are used for many different purposes. Gearboxes transmit torque and RPM to specific mechanical equipment. Gearboxes drive steel-making conveyors, roll assemblies in paper mills and coal feeders in power plants, for example. Gearbox repairs are normally required when something in the gearbox breaks or wears out.

What kind of gearbox repairs are there? Repairs such as changing the bearings or flushing out the oil is simple. Sometimes a gearbox needs the gears replaced and some machine work.

From big to small repairs, CMT does all sorts of gearbox repairs. Contact us to find out more.

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