CMT can repair low voltage motors

Low voltage motors are found in virtually every industrial and commercial facility and are generally categorized as 600 VAC or less. Most manufacturers offer low voltage as a stock product from 1 to 500HP. A motor replacement might not be immediately available or cost effective, so CMT can repair your

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Kids Career Fair — A Success!

A big thank you to all those businesses who participated in the Kids Career Fair over the weekend. A big thank you to parents who took their kids to the fair. CMT reminds everyone that you can be anything you want to be!

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Electric motors drive industrial air moving equipment

Industrial air moving equipment is designed and installed on many applications. All industrial air moving equipment have electric motors driving them. Air movement is used for cooling, exhaust, fresh air and product movement. Air movement designs include propeller blade, centrifugal and blower wheels and can be big or small. Noise

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