National Skilled Trades Day is Wednesday 5/6

City Machine Technologies, Inc. established National Skilled Trades Day to increase awareness about the benefits of skilled trades jobs in the United States and to celebrate skilled trades workers. National Skilled Trades Day is observed on the first Wednesday in May annually, as proclaimed by the Registrar at National Day

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We’re attractive: Electromagnet drum separators

Electromagnet drum separators are found in most auto shredders, mills and mines. They are primarily used to attract ferrous metals. The drum rotates while the shaft and the magnet coils stay put. The rotational speed of the drum synchronizes with the conveyor belt speed. The drum attracts the ferrous metals

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Pump it up! Pumps can be repaired at CMT

Pumps send messages to their monitoring systems notifying them of anything abnormal like a drop in fluid pressure, fluid volume or motor amperage draws. Sometimes companies can provide visual feedback on municipal pumps that are above the water. These issues include leaks, vibration, noise, locked or broken shafts. Submersible pumps

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