Ohm’s law — How a lifting magnet work

Industrial Lifting Magnets are very simple machines. They are nothing more than a string of wire wrapped around a magnetic core. This string of wire has resistance (ohms) that govern what current (amps) flows at a given voltage (volts). All DC magnets obey Ohm’s law. A magnet at room temperature,

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Scrap handler magnets? Lifting magnets? Scrap yard magnets? Whatever you call them, we have them

City Machine Technologies, Inc. brings its own unique line of newly designed scrap handling magnets to market. These lifting magnets provide customers with larger pole shoes designed for longer life, heavy-duty terminal boxes built to withstand severe punishment and improved lead connection protection. The magnet cases are designed as reusable

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CMT already geared up for any industrial gearbox needs

CMT’s gearbox rebuild capabilities extend to various power transmission assemblies. This rotary arm shaft is used in the production of pipe, and has been refurbished by CMT. There are five individual gear assemblies attached to the main shaft. All were carefully rebuilt using new bearings and shafts. The gear assemblies

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Happy Birthday, CMT!

Happy 34th birthday, CMT! Since 1985, CMT has been providing industrial services to Ohio and surrounding states 24/7/365. And, we are hiring motivated, drug free individuals who excel as a machinist or a mechanic.

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Fixing motors and armatures is CMT’s specialty

This 1674 HP DC motor was recently remanufactured by CMT for a world-class pipe manufacturing mill. Also pictured is the armature, or rotating element from an identical motor. This armature will be rewound to an as-new condition with a new commutator and new coils. Once fully assembled, the motor will

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