National Skilled Trades Day is May 5, 2021

Get your calendars out and start preparing. National Skilled Trades Day is Wednesday, May 5, 2021. Again, this year will be a virtual celebration. Say thank you to those who work in the skilled trades. We’ve learned that skilled trades are essential. Thank those truck drivers who bring you food

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Preventative maintenance saves time and money

New technology helps predict machinery conditions with high accuracy. Laser alignment, vibration analysis, Babbitt bearing and bearing journal inspections, FARO studies and motor insulation integrity are just a few of the preventative maintenance options CMT provides to mitigate repairs and save companies money.  

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Why is the AC motor burned out?

— Voltage imbalance.: A 3.5% imbalance will drive a 25% temperature increase — Low and high voltage — Single phase of a three-phase machine — Lightning, surges and switching spikes — Ungrounded power systems — Loose electrical connections — Inverter settings — Restricted ventilation — Using the wrong lubricant and

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