Industrial Magnet Services


Lifting Magnet Repair & Remanufacture

Since 1999, CMT has been serving the needs of steel mills, scrapyards, and other industrial companies through industrial magnet sales and repair. Over the years, we have built a reputation by demonstrating our expertise on countless lifting magnets being rebuilt, remanufactured or completely engineered to meet today’s industrial demands. Offering 24/7 service, we will work to get you up and running again in no time!

Have an industrial magnet service issue? Give us a call 24/7 at 888-268-4623 or 330-747-2639.

Our Industrial Magnet Services Include:

  • Conductor straightening and reprocessing
  • Electrified core magnet rewinding
  • Rotating and linear automated welding
  • CNC machining and flame cutting
  • Automated magnet operational load testing of each magnet serviced
  • Magnet repair and new manufacture
  • Magnetic chucks, rolls and stationary magnet rebuilding

Offering Exceptional Service & Fast Turnaround

At CMT, we offer exceptional magnet repair and remanufacture services for used lifting magnets. Prior to repair, all magnets are thoroughly inspected and evaluated. If necessary, a 112-inch vertical boring mill is used for precise machine opening. This is the preferred method of opening to protect case integrity and produce a consistent weld zone for easy reassembly. This process also enhances efficient magnetic flux transfer once the magnet is reassembled.

Our State-of-the-Art Shop Does It All

CMT has invested heavily in shop equipment to ensure we can meet all of your lifting magnet manufacturing and rebuilding needs. Aside from the 112-inch vertical boring mill, we have a variety of other high-tech equipment pieces in-house to help us do our job. For quick turn-around, we use a 200-ton puller press to make disassembly and reassembly of large lifting magnet components easy and efficient.

When it comes to fast conductor processing, we utilize three fully adjustable machines. With these, we are easily able to process copper and aluminum conductors up to six inches wide and from 0.005 inches to 0.125 inches in thickness. An auxiliary reel is available for use on electrified core style magnets.

For electrified core magnet rewinding, our versatile equipment can easily adapt to changing technologies. Magnets are rewound on three constant torque, constant tension machines using Class H fiberglass and Nomex materials. All of our winding equipment has been custom designed, as well as our proprietary conductor straightener and camber control device that salvages crushed conductor, to provide our customers unparalleled products and services in the industry.

For a detailed peek into our Lifting Magnet Division and snapshots of the additional equipment we utilize, check out our Facebook page.

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