Technical services: Non Destructive Testing for specialty manufacturing


Manufacturing firms often require non-destructive testing services (or NDT) to verify the quality of their products. When used at periodic check points, non-destructive testing services can assist a manufacturer to monitor and maintain quality. The NDT process helps to determine suitability for use of manufactured goods. CMT is currently supplying non-destructive testing services to a […]

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Let’s get technical with CMT’s technical service offerings


CMT has a complete engineering and diagnostic division to help support its industrial repair and remanufacturing facility. Our technical services have found wide acceptance throughout industry supporting repair and maintenance operations in many plants. Most of CMT’s technical services are backed up with computerized documentation and analysis. CMT’s technical services include: -Ultrasonic inspection for proof […]

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Part 3: City Machine Technologies, Inc. offers non-destructive testing services


In our third and final series of posts, we will again be talking about some of our most important inspections and analyses related to NDT or non-destructive testing. Magnetic imaging analysis The integrity of cast or malleable rotor bars in induction motors is easily assessed using a specially designed induction device and magnetic sensitive film […]

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