Gearing up for gearbox repairs


A gearbox is a mechanical device that uses gears and shaft assemblies to provide speed and torque from a power source (like an electric motor) to another machine. Gearboxes are designed in many different configurations for many different purposes. Gearbox repair is required when something in a gearbox breaks or wears out. Gearbox repair can […]

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Pop Quiz: What is this?


Is it a propeller shaft for a cruise ship? Is it a dough mixer for a commercial bakery? Could it be a drive shaft for a steam locomotive? If you guessed any of the above, well…not exactly. This apparatus is actually a rotary arm shaft for a pipe producing mill. The main shaft holds a […]

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Heavy industry uses gearboxes; CMT can repair them


The world of heavy industry often works around the use of large scale industrial gearboxes. These devices are utilized to control the equipment that manufactures steel and pipe mills. A gearbox may increase speed, decrease speed or manufacture the torque required to drive a larger piece of equipment. Some styles can be serviced in the […]

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