Big, yellow and new: Reasons to buy a new scrap magnet


While CMT tries first to repair a scrap magnet, sometimes magnets are so badly damaged, they are deemed uneconomical to repair and are replaced with new, rebuilt or used scrap magnets. City Machine Technologies, Inc. brought its own unique line of newly designed scrap magnets to market in 1998. Our design supplies the customer with […]

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Extending the life of a lifting magnet


A number of simple actions can be taken to extend the operating life of a lifting magnet. The following recommendations will help keep your magnet operating properly, avoid costly major repairs and signal if it’s time to get your magnet services by a company who is experienced in the design, rewind, manufacture and service of […]

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In-depth look: Lifting Magnet Division


In this second blog, we will take a deeper look into City Machine Technologies, Inc.’s Lifting Magnet Division. CMT’s Lifting Magnet Division  is experienced in the design, rewind, manufacture and service of any material handling magnet (round or square) or separator roll. The Lifting Magnet Division is located at 448 Andrews Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio. […]

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