What is a journal bearing?


Simply put, a journal bearing is a shaft or journal rotating in a bearing. The shaft rotates in the bearing with a layer of lubricant separating the two parts. Because journal bearings are designed to reduce load friction, they are often used when the load is light and the motion is continuous. With a journal […]

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Crane brakes help in the safe operation of industrial equipment


When moving material with overhead cranes, it is essential the brakes are in working order, just like the brakes in your car when you need to make a sudden stop. That being said, crane brakes play an important role in the safe operation of industrial equipment. Remanufacturing industrial crane brakes and returning them to original […]

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Turbine generator components: critical preparation for assembly


These components are the bearing brackets or endbells  for a turbine generator used by a public utility company. This generator produces the electricity used by residential and industrial consumers and must remain reliable during operation.  The turbine generator is completely sealed and is pumped full of hydrogen gas to cool the unit while it is […]

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Centrifugal castings = Babbitt bearings


Centrifugal castings are made when a mold is continuously rotated at high speed while molten metal is poured in. The molten metal in a centrifugal casting is thrown toward the inside of the mold wall from the G forces inside. The molten metal solidifies after cooling.  After cooling, any impurities can be machined away that […]

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Lifting magnets transport steel and scrap vehicles in industry


A lifting magnet does exactly what it says: it’s an electromagnet that can pick up or lift metal objects. A lifting magnet has magnetic properties in its electrified coil and is normally attached to a crane. The crane then positions the magnet above the objects and the magnet is energized. Lifting magnets vary in size. […]

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Need a moveable power supply? Try industrial cable reels


Industrial cable reels are used to manage power cable anywhere a moveable power supply is required. They can be found on industrial equipment such as cranes, hoists or material transfer devices. Some cable reels may be powered by mechanical spring motors to allow for cable take-up. Many styles are designed with collector rings so that […]

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In-depth: City Machine Technologies, Inc.’s capabilities


City Machine Technologies, Inc. has been in operation for over 25 years providing a variety of services to heavy industries throughout the United States and abroad. The electrical, mechanical, machining and lifting magnet capabilities of our four highly specialized divisions combine to make us your single source solution for industrial repairs. Talented personnel combined with […]

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CMT: available day or night


City Machine Technologies, Inc.’s technicians are complemented by four fully-equipped service vans that deliver the amenities of our shops – day or night. Each truck contains hardware, safety equipment and the tools needed to address specific industrial and commercial requirements. CMT is just a phone call away 24/7/365 and is available to work on-site or […]

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What is a crane limit switch?


A crane limit switch, or crane power limit switch, is a safety device designed to prevent the over-travel of a crane hoist. The limit switch is operated by contact with the crane hook block. When activated, the limit switch  interrupts  power  to the lift motor. This prevents the hook block from colliding with the cable […]

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Reverse engineering solves difficult problems


Reverse engineering is a solution for many challenging situations. The process takes into consideration what exists, for example a motor or mechanical component, and through analysis determines how to duplicate or enhance that item. Reverse engineering can design improvements on the structure, operation and performance of one specific item, or a system of related parts. […]

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