Increase the life of a lift magnet



A number of simple actions can be taken to extend the operating life of a lift magnet. The following recommendations will help keep your magnet operating properly, avoid costly major repairs and signal if it’s time to get your magnet services by a company who is experienced in the design, rewind, manufacture and service of any material handling lifting magnet, you can be assured consistent quality and reliable repair service. 

  1. Store your magnets off the ground. Moisture is one of a lift magnet’s biggest enemies. When a magnet is set on the ground, it absorbs moisture from the ground. Keeping the lift magnet off the ground allows air to flow around it, minimizing the amount of moisture absorption that takes place. Working lift magnets stored outdoors should be off of the ground and loosely covered with a tarp.
  2. Establish routine magnet inspections. Monthly inspection should be conducted on magnets that are used continuously or in very abusive applications. Magnets used only a couple of times a day or week can be inspected quarterly.  Look for cracks in any of the major components or in any welds on the top, side or bottom of the magnet. Check for any looseness, or anything that is bolted or should be tightened when the magnet is inspected. Also, check for dents and excessive wear. Most wearing and denting naturally takes place on the bottom of the magnet, but it can also occur on the sides.
  3. Keep records of inspections on file for each lifting magnet. Review the inspections to see if any corrective action is indicated.
  4. Test the magnet when inspecting it. Simple coil resistance and insulation resistance readings are good indicators of the coil condition of the magnet.
  5. Repair or replace leads as necessary.
  6. Educate your operators. Although lift magnets appear to be large, heavy, indestructible pieces of steel and iron, they are electrical appliances and should be treated as such.

If you are in need of a repair or refurbish on your lift magnet, City Machine Technologies, Inc. offers high-quality repairs. The success of our lift magnet division and our industrial machine and electric machinery divisions and our 27 years in business puts at your disposal one of the most technically advanced and best-equipped shops in the industry available on a moment’s notice.

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