What are crane brakes?


city-machine-technologies-crane-brakesCrane brakes play an integral role in the safe operation of industrial equipment. When moving material with overhead cranes, it is essential the brakes are in working order, just like the brakes in your car when you need to make a sudden stop. Remanufacturing industrial crane brakes and returning them to original manufacturer’s blueprint specifications is accomplished through special welding, casting, machining and heat-treating processes. Trained personnel assemble the original equipment manufacturer parts (or, if obsolete, OEM compatible parts) and inspect the assemblies for fit to assure they will act as the manufacturer had intended. Various innovative methods for performance testing and quality inspection are used on all brake assemblies. Component parts are mag-particle inspected after a thorough cleaning and sandblasting. All springs are compression tested according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The assembled brake is inspected, set to original factory specifications and tested using a specialized static torque test unit. Crane brakes are also tested electrically using a high current test set.

Magnet take-up reels commonly found on crane assemblies receive the same care and attention as crane brakes.   

City Machine Technologies, Inc. offers documented, time-tested and certified crane brake programs to assure safe operation and customer peace of mind.

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