Dynamic balancing: important part of repair jobs

Dynamic balancing of high-speed magnetic roll.

Dynamic balancing of high-speed magnetic roll.

Dynamic balancing is simply the practice of spinning a rotating apparatus, such as a drive shaft or armature at a high rate of speed in a balancing machine. Vibration is reduced by subtracting or adding weight. A balancing machine is outfitted with sensors, and once a rotating piece has been brought up to the pre-determined speed, a computer reads the sensors. Weights to counter-balance a heavy or light spot on the shaft are added and/or removed from the item being balanced. Spinning a rotating element or other objects at a certain rotational speed replicates on-the-job performance. Vibration in rotating machinery can substantially reduce the working life of the equipment.

Dynamic balancing is an integral part of every rotating apparatus repair job. City Machine Technologies, Inc.’s three in-house computerized machines are capable of rotors from 20 ounces to 20 tons. We also have the ability to provide on-site balancing with our portable units, and our tech vans house all items necessary for an immediate response.


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