Fan, motor and industrial pump repairs available all summer long


Last weekend was the official start of summer. Here at CMT, we work hard to keep you cool and you on the golf greens! You might not realize it, but electric power for your A/C is transmitted to you (a consumer) and large industry via substations that use large transformers. These large transformers at the […]

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Predictive maintenance programs head off problems before they start


Stay a leg up on costly repairs with a predictive maintenance program. A predictive maintenance program can be tailored for your company to suit your needs and budget while keeping your equipment running. Predictive maintenance programs can diagnose, track, monitor and trend equipment by detecting conditions that show up before they become costly and inconvenient […]

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Big or small. We do it all.


Electric motors come in all shapes and sizes. They have many different purposes. Some move air, some supply drinking water some and actually generate electricity. Many of them power large industrial equipment while others power the air conditioner or washing machine and dryer in your home. Simply put, there are very few places in this […]

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