Part 2: Remanufactured crane brakes are available at a fraction of the cost of new


Last week, you learned CMT’s remanufactured brakes give you manufacturer’s new quality at a fraction of replacement cost. Over the years, we have developed our own special set of modifications for different manufacturer’s brakes to extend their life in the field. Many of these take the form of synthetic bushings, case hardening pins and specialized lubrication systems, to name a few. If you have a particular recurring problem, let us take a look and propose a solution.

Brakes become obsolete when the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) finds a more economical design. Economical, but not better, in many cases. Renewal parts, if unavailable, are manufactured in our plant. We have many patterns and castings ready for machining to fit a multitude of brakes. Our component recycling program also saves you money by using your existing castings and remachining.

If new wheels are needed for your industrial crane brakes, we can manufacturer them: Cast iron or ductile iron, completely flame hardened, machined and precision balanced ready for installation.

Our CMT rewound coils are all insulated Class H temperature rise and our specifications exceed the OEM’s specifications in many areas.

Our brake shoes are all inspected for damage and defects, cleaned and new Carlisle non-asbestos linings are bonded to the shells. Riveting, if desired, is available.

CMT testing techniques are unique to the industry. We have designed a special current source to actually simulate load conditions on the series brake coils to test their respective response times. When assembled, all units are meticulously inspected, tested and reinspected by our quality assurance department to rigid specifications. All brakes are static torque tested at rated parameters with test results detailed on a printout.

As always, we offer completely remanufactured brakes to suit your needs. Specify the coil you need, and a brake will be on the way!

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