Gearing up for gearbox repairs


What’s a gearbox? It’s a mechanical device that uses gears and shaft assemblies to provide speed and torque from a power source (think an electric motor) to another machine. Gearboxes are designed many different ways and for many different purposes. Gearbox repair is required when something in a gearbox breaks or wears out. Gearbox repair can be something as simple as changing bearings and flushing out oil. Another example of gearbox repair would be gear replacement and machine work, sometimes to gear shafts or even the gearbox case.

Where would you see a gearbox? In a steel mill to control processing speeds of pipe or steel plate. In a power plant on large conveyors that move coal required for making electricity. In a water treatment plant to move large gates that control water flow. In a commercial bakery to mix dough for bread.

Gearboxes are used everywhere in applications where control of speed and torque is critical to the movement of materials.

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