Part 3: City Machine Technologies, Inc. offers non-destructive testing services


city-machine-technologies-inc-ndtIn our third and final series of posts, we will again be talking about some of our most important inspections and analyses related to NDT or non-destructive testing.

Magnetic imaging analysis
The integrity of cast or malleable rotor bars in induction motors is easily assessed using a specially designed induction device and magnetic sensitive film that produces an x-ray like signature of cracks, partial fractures, voids and other anomalies.

Diagnostic electrical inspection
Using computer-based 35KV surge testing, 70KV high-potential testing and core loss analysis, a complete picture of the suitability of a motor-stator can be obtained. This equipment is also portable for on-site applications and has computerized reporting capabilities.

Vibration analysis
Vibration analysis is the monitoring of vibration patterns of motors and pumps and predicting their maintenance needs. Vibrations waste energy and create noise. Vibrations can be caused by an imbalance in the rotating parts, uneven friction and poor gear teeth alignment. Because the quality of the rolling elements in any machine can foretell the life expectancy and reliability of that machine, an assessment of these elements can easily be made with the use of sophisticated vibration analysis equipment and software that also provides full documentation and inspection reports.

To support City Machine Technologies’ growing industrial repair and remanufacturing facility, a complete engineering and diagnostic division has been established. The services of this division have found wide acceptance throughout industry supporting like repair and maintenance operations in many plants. Whether you need thermographic or vibration surveys, OSHA compliant material handling inspections, diagnostic failure analysis or product proof testing, CMT can deliver. Our industrial inspectors are certified by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Level I, II and III, employing visual, magnetic particle, eddy current and ultrasonic methods.

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