Industrial Gearbox Repair


CMT handles your complete gearbox repair or rebuild from start to finish

With over 30 years in business, City Machine Technologies knows how important gearboxes and their components are to your everyday production. CMT is a leading gearbox repair company in the United States, offering gearbox service to Youngstown and surrounding areas.

Trust the process

Industrial gearboxes are enclosed systems that transmit energy to an output device, converting energy into usable force. Gearboxes can be used in a variety of devices for various reasons, including material production and processing. When you need a gearbox rebuild or repair, City Machine Technologies can handle the process from start to finish, from removal, transport, repair, and installation. During the gearbox repair process, gearboxes are carefully matchmarked and disassembled for complete inspection. Inspections for inadequate backlash and endplay are conducted and results are recorded and documented with pictures. Any anomalies that are found are recorded and a root-cause analysis is begun to create a plan for repair or rebuild.

Our team of talented technicians can repair or rebuild your gearbox by determining which gearbox repair solution is best for you. CMT inspects and tests everything thoroughly before returning the product to you.

CMT repairs industrial gearboxes and provides solutions that will increase your productivity and reduce downtime and offers service when you need it most. At CMT, we power what powers you.

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