In-Place/On-Site Machining


In order for your facility to perform at optimal levels around the clock, ongoing repairs are part of doing business. The hassle of sending equipment out can cause downtime, increases repair costs, and more. Consider how much money is wasted in transportation, labor, and time alone when equipment is sent out! The most convenient and cost-effective way of combating this problem is by contacting City Machine Technologies to learn more about our on-site machining services.

Our Comprehensive On-Site Service Offerings

Whether you know it is as in-place or on-site machining services, our field technicians have the equipment and expertise to work in the most difficult locations. The wide variety of portable equipment available in our impressive 12 vehicle fleet allows us to offer the following services on-site:

  • Large and small milling
  • Turning
  • Boring
  • Leveling
  • Motor maintenance
  • Laser alignment

Leveraging support from our in-house machine shop as well, our field services team is able to tackle any job on-site. If you have industrial equipment in need of repair, contact CMT first. There’s no reason to make a big production in sending equipment out if our team can assist you with in-place machining. Additionally, sometimes equipment is just too large or cumbersome to remove regardless. With each project we undertake, it is our goal to get your equipment repaired quickly, cost-effectively, and with as little impact on your business as possible.

The Right Equipment… Right To You

Whether electric, hydraulic, or pneumatically driven, we have the equipment and resources to effectively and quickly resolve on-site machining problems. Our field service vehicles are fully stocked to meet any challenge. Furthermore, all portable machinery is designed for ease of transfer and setup. Specially designed turning rigs, jigs, fixtures and other equipment enable us to easily find solutions to your biggest problem jobs.


When precise machine characteristics depend on precision flatness over great distances, optical plane alignment equipment and techniques are the answer. Coupling this device with our portable milling equipment can yield accuracies measurable to 0.001 inch in 50 feet. This allows us to offer precision machining virtually anywhere!



Our portable boring equipment is capable of boring from 1.25 inches through 60 inches in diameter.



Our hydraulic surface mill is used to recut the vertical way of an automotive press.




Our portable journal lathe is ideal for field machining items too large to move. When combined with wire arc metalizing, welding, or nickel chrome plating apparatus, we can avert a disaster with in-place repair before it strikes.



When units cannot turn under their own power, we employ two variable speed drives temporarily setup on your site. This yields the advantage of machining a unit in its own bearings, one of the best ways to minimize total indicated run-out.


No matter what your requirements are, CMT’s Field Service Division is ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Offering a comprehensive range of on-site machining services, we will have you up and running again in no time!

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