Centrifugal Castings / Babbitt Bearings


With 30 years of experience in the industrial services business, we’ve come to understand just how important quality centrifugal castings / babbitt bearings are to our customers. These bearings are an integral part to all heavy industrial machinery. They are used in high speed rotating equipment such as chillers, electric motors, gear drives, pumps, compressors and more. Designed to constrain relative motion between moving parts, a quality bearing can make a significant impact on proper equipment performance and durability.

CMT has specialized in the production and repair of centrifugal castings / babbitt bearings to give our customers the best service, price and delivery in the industry. We perform all services in-house under the trade name CMT CentriCast. Our extensive experience has helped us to perfect the centrifugal casting of all sizes of babbitt bearings. We can also assist you with our static cast, metalizing, or TIG welding processes.

Whether it’s babbitt manufacturing or bearing repair and rebabbitting, CMT has the knowledgeable technicians and equipment to deliver on your requests.

The Babbitt Bearing Process Through CMT CentriCast

Babbitt Bearings from City Machine TechnologiesFor centrifugal castings / babbitt bearings undergoing repair, the bearing shells are first melted and baked out to remove the original babbitt and oil. They are then grit blasted, inspected, and immersed in a 100% molten tin bath. This assures a good bond for the new babbitt.

Prior to spinning, the prepared shell is lowered into the casting machine. Without the need for center cores, time is saved in the preparation. This results in a superior product with a quick turnaround.

Two custom-designed machines enable our technicians to spin cast bearings up to 48 inches in diameter. These machines employ bottom draw pouring furnaces and inert gas pressurization of the cavity being cast. By doing it this way, we can guarantee an oxidation free environment for the molten metal.

With our centrifugal casting process, all impurities migrate to the center or waste area. This leaves all of the virgin babbitt securely suspended on the walls of the shell. This yields a completely void-free casting and superior grain structure for extended wear and reliability – a feature that makes CMT CentriCast centrifugal castings / babbitt bearings some of the best on the market. After the bearings are cast, they are proof-machined and ultrasonically inspected for bond integrity.

In-house manufacturing of new shells, new labyrinth seals, tilting pads, and oil seal wipers complement our ability to restore bearings to new condition. All babbitt used is virgin ASTM B23-40 Grade 2 tin-based metal with certification.  One of our main goals at CMT is to provide customers with products and services of the highest possibility quality. We truly believe that our in-house centrifugal castings / babbitt bearing capabilities meet this objective, and we encourage you to give us the chance to prove it.

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