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city-machine-technologies-gearsCMT technicians are fully complemented by our four fully-equipped service vans that deliver the amenities of our shops to your door – day or night. Each truck contains hardware, safety equipment and the tools needed to address specific individuals and commercial requirements. Two of our vans are dedicated to in-place machining and servicing heavy machinery. CMT also offers predictive maintenance programs, electrical inspections and other services, such as on-site motor and generator repair and on-site diagnostics and millwright services. Our predictive maintenance program is designed to head off problems before they start. Certified technicians can tailor a plan to suit your needs and budget, while allowing the maximum uptime of your equipment. We have the ability to diagnose, track, monitor and trend equipment, as well as correct the anomalies we locate, all with single source responsibility and continuity. CMT also has the equipment and the personnel to do a turn-key job at our customers’ facilities on any required repairs. Special on-site diagnostics, such as vibration signature analysis and trendsetting give us the ability to detect minor problems before they become major. Our crews are accustomed to working around the clock, weekend and holidays included, to handle any emergency that might arise. We utilize of state-of-the-art lasers and optical plan transits to assure repeatable and reportable accuracy. All alignments include a hard copy printout and certificate for your records. Supporting our field services is a well-trained staff of electrical technicians capable of all aspects of AC and DC motor and process control through 15,000 volts.  We have the abilities and resources to solve your problems.

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