What’s a blue-collar worker?


city-machine-technologies-inc-faro-arm-1Blue-collar folks (yep, we work at CMT) are the backbone of American society. We keep America running.

Turn on the tv, read the newspaper, go online, and you will hear a lot of talk of blue-collar workers this election year.  The first “blue-collar” description was made in reference to trade jobs in an Iowa newspaper in 1924.

Many blue-collar workers traditionally wear blue or navy canvas or cotton work clothing, which helps conceal potential dirt and grease helping their appearance.

Blue-collar workers are employed in skilled and some unskilled manufacturing jobs, mining, sanitation, custodial/maintenance work, oil field work…you get the picture.

So, the next time you see someone fixing your air conditioning, hauling your trash or fixing your industrial motors, say thanks. Day-in and day-out these hard working Americans make our country better. We actually shouldn’t call them blue-collar workers, they should be called sapphire-collar workers given their jobs are so important in our daily lives.

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