What’s CMT?

Our logo made of balloons

Our logo made of balloons

Nope, we aren’t that CMT…Country Music Television. We’re pretty sure you don’t want any of us to sing you a song.

CMT is your one-stop service center providing electrical, mechanical, machining and field services to industrial and commercial companies throughout the United States and abroad.

We’ve done work at steel companies, automotive plants, power plants, food processing plants, HVAC providers, and elevator companies to name a few. We operate out of three buildings in downtown Youngstown comprising over 100,000 square feet.

While our electrical, mechanical, machining and field services are regionalized to about 200 miles around Youngstown, Ohio, our lifting magnets, crane brakes and Babbitt bearings can be found throughout the United States and some magnets are abroad!

City Machine Technologies, Inc. offers industrial field services. We have four trucks that are dedicated to field services, such as in-place machining and heavy machinery removal, installation and in-place rebuilding, electrical inspections, on-site motor and generator repair and on-site diagnostics and millwright services. We are equipped to handle commutator or slip ring turning, journal repairs and complete in-place motor overhauls, among other industrial field services.

Browse around our site to learn more. We are available day or night at 330-747-2639 for your next breakdown or repair.

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