Tips and tricks of the trade: Extending the life of a lifting magnet


Extend the operating life of a lifting magnet with these few tips.


  • Always using your magnet? Put a monthly inspection at the top of your list. Just using your magnet a couple times a day or week? Inspect it quarterly. What to look for? Cracks in any of the major components or in any welds on the top/bottom/sides of magnet. Is anything loose? Also, check for dents and excessive wear. Wearing and denting naturally occurs on the bottom of the magnet, but it can also occur on the sides.
  • Test the magnet when inspecting it. Simple coil resistance and insulation resistance reading are good indicators of the coil condition of the magnet.


  • Store your magnets off the ground. Moisture and magnets don’t mix! Magnets that are stored on the ground will absorb moisture. Let air flow around magnet by keeping the lifting magnet off the ground. Try placing it on some two-by-fours, and if it’s kept outdoors, cover it loosely with a tarp.

Repair or replace

  • Repair or replace leads and chains as necessary.

Lifting magnets are large, heavy pieces of steel and iron, but they are electrical devices and should be treated as such.

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