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An existing packaging industry customer recently approached CMT about the fabrication of a number of specialty racks. The racks would be used for material transfer and storage and installed with some existing machinery. These additional racks were needed to keep up with production demands, which had recently increased. Our customer first contacted the manufacturer (OEM) of his production equipment with this request, only to discover an unacceptable lead time and high price. A slowdown in production with revenue loss were unacceptable answers until the job was reviewed with CMT engineers and the customer’s production team.

CMT was able to custom manufacture the racks to our customer’s exacting specifications. The delivery of finished goods was one month ahead of the OEM’s lead time, and the job was priced under what the customer had budgeted for. CMT recently accepted another order for a complete set of the same racks, as our customer is preparing for yet another increase in business.

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