Big, yellow and new: Reasons to buy a new scrap magnet


67 DASH magnet

While CMT tries first to repair a scrap magnet, sometimes magnets are so badly damaged, they are deemed uneconomical to repair and are replaced with new, rebuilt or used scrap magnets.

City Machine Technologies, Inc. brought its own unique line of newly designed scrap magnets to market in 1998. Our design supplies the customer with a larger pole shoe that should last longer, a heavy-duty terminal box to withstand severe punishment and to better protect the lead connections and an overall case design, which should be reusable instead of having to be replaced. Also, the bottom plate is easily removable (not integrated into the case assembly) and offers the potential of being straightened and reused, if it is deformed. This can be done without machining it out of a case assembly and rewelding the assembly back together before final assembly of the entire magnet. The removal of the plate from the case assembly often renders the case uneconomical to repair, which in turn, leads to increased repair costs or scrapping out of the scrap magnet.

CMT currently manufactures and sells 47”, 57” and 67” DASH (deep aluminum scrap handler) scrap magnets.

CMT also currently manufactures and sells a 58” DCBH (deep copper ball handler). This scrap magnet is copper wound. It exhibits more lift and runs cooler than similar units on the market. A cooler running scrap magnet retains more lift than a hotter scrap magnet, so more material will be processed in comparable time frames. Cooler also means the insulation system inside the scrap magnet is less stressed and will last longer.

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