Stopping vibration through dynamic balancing can extend life of equipment


2500 hp pet rotor

Simply put, dynamic balancing is the practice of spinning a rotating item like a drive shaft or armature at a high speed in a balancing machine. Vibration is reduced when weight is added or subtracted. A balancing machine has sensors and once a rotating piece has been brought up to the set speed, a computer reads the sensors. Weights to counter balance a heavy or light area on the shaft is added/removed. Spinning the rotating element at a certain rotational speed replicates what the item does on-the-job. If a piece of rotating machinery is vibrating, it can substantially reduce the working life of the equipment, so it’s essential to have them balanced periodically. City Machine Technologies, Inc.’s three in-house computerized machines are capable of rotors from 20 ounces to 20 tons. We also have the ability to provide on-site balancing with our portable units, and our tech vans house all items necessary for an immediate response.

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