Skilled trades: Gearing up for a great career


On Thursday, CMT along with trade schools and other manufacturers participated in the Struthers High School career fair.

Parents: Talk to your kids about a career in the skilled trades.

The average age of a skilled trade worker is 55 years old, and they are thinking about retirement. We need new workers to refill these positions.

Many skilled trades jobs only require a certificate, so that means you can be on your way to making good money sooner rather than later. Check your local career and technical center for their class offerings. There are skilled trades jobs all around, so whether you wanted to stay in the area or find a warmer climate, there’s a job for you. Or, if you want to go to college, get a trade first, get a good paying job and then work AND go to night school to decrease your college debt.

Skilled trades careers offer good pay, paid time off, paid holidays and benefits.

Manufacturing builds a great nation, and it’s a good career path for your children.

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