Benefits of CMT remanufactured industrial crane brakes part 1


Did you know CMT remanufactured crane brakes give you manufacturer’s new quality at a fraction of replacement cost? Remanufactured crane brakes costs normally range from 70% for small brakes to 30% for large units versus replacement. All brakes feature a one-year warranty – the same as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Because we remanufacture, not repair, your brakes, you consequently get a unit returned precisely to the OEM specifications. All OEM renewal parts will fit after our work just as they did the day the unit left the factory. And, our delivery time can’t be beat! Our remanufactured crane brakes are normally processed in two to three weeks or sooner, if your needs warrant it. New replacement brake deliveries can run as long as 16 weeks.

Next week’s blog will discuss brake wheels, coils and brake shoes.

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