Who uses lifting magnets?


Lifting magnets aren’t your average refrigerator magnets. Some are the size of queen beds. Lifting magnets are used in industrial settings. Magnets are often seen at scrap yards where they are used to move scrap steel and cars. Lifting magnets are also used in steel mills to safely and efficiently move newly made steel. Magnets […]

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47 inch scrap handler magnet for sale


Size: 47″/ 1200 mm Model: DASH Coil type: Aluminum Field: Deep Weight: 3200 lbs/1460 kg Voltage: 230 DC Cold amperage: 42 Cold ohms: 5.5 Kilowatts: 9.7 Duty cycle: 75%   Average All Day Lifting Capacities #1 Hot Melt 1900 lbs/ 865 kg #2 Hot Melt 1100 lbs/ 500 kg Steel Turnings 625 lbs/ 280 kg […]

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