Safe testing procedures of lift magnets

ball handler

ball handler

When inspecting or servicing a lift magnet, please keep in mind the following safe testing procedures:

1. Lockout/tagout all energy sources prior to testing the magnet.

2. Double-check for voltage at the lift magnet prior to disconnecting it:

 a. Verify lockout/tagout

 b. Probe the cable with sharp voltmeter leads or use a tic tracer

3. Touch the side of the lift magnet with a steel scraper or tool to check for the presence of a magnetic field.

4. Personnel should never stand under or extend any portion of their bodies under a suspended or partially suspended lift magnet. The magnet should be on solid supports. To inspect under the magnet, it should be turned upside down (avoid cutting the leads) or tilted away from the inspector and solidly supported. To avoid accidental energizing of the magnet, the leads should be disconnected from the power cables.

5. Never disconnect a magnet from its power source while it is energized. Arcing will occur, which can lead to serious injury or death. Always apply lockout/tagout procedures prior to inspecting or testing any magnet.

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