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City-Machine-Technologies-Electric-Machinery-3It’s a tough economy for anyone in the manufacturing sector right now. We understand that and are here to help by offering two money saving suggestions: predictive maintenance programs and electric motor rewinds.

Predictive maintenance programs do come with a price, but they are designed to head off problems before they start thus saving overtime and rush charges. Certified technicians at CMT will tailor a plan to suit your needs and budget, all the while still running your equipment with minimal downtime. Predictive maintenance programs have the ability to diagnose, track, monitor and trend equipment, as well as correct the anomalies that are found. Predictive maintenance programs focused on lubrication, vibration analysis, ultrasonic or magnetic particle inspection and in-place electrical testing are forecasting tools that are used to protect equipment by detecting harmful conditions that show up before they become breakdowns.

Electric motor rewinds can be done to make motors workable again without the high cost of paying for new. Motor rewinds can be rewound in an emergency, which minimizes a customer’s downtime. CMT is accustomed to working around the clock at our facility or on-site around the clock, holidays and weekends included.

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