Centrifugal castings or Babbitt bearings? Both words mean the same, and CMT can make them



Guide bearing for a 1000 vertical pump motor

Thrust pads for a 1000 vertical pump motor

Babbitt bearings are vital to all heavy industrial machinery. Babbitt bearings are sleeve bearings made of certain types of alloys, which are melted down and cast to produce the bearing surface. Babbitt bearings are used for high speed, rotating equipment, such as compressors, turbines, electric motors and large power generators (often found in power plants).

Babbitt bearings are made in a few simple steps:
1. Bearing shells are restored by melting out the original Babbitt material. The grit is blasted from the shells. The bearing shells are inspected and immersed in a 100% molten tin bath to assure a good bond for the new Babbitt.

2. The prepared shell is placed into the casting machine prior to spinning.

3. Special machines are used to spin-cast bearings. These machines employ bottom draw pouring furnaces and inert gas pressurization of the cavity being cast. This guarantees an oxidation free environment for molten metal.

4. When the centrifugal casting process is used, all virgin Babbitt is securely suspended on the walls of the shell, which yields a completely void-free casting and superior grain structure. This provides for extended wear and reliability.

5. After the bearings are cast, they are proof-machined and ultrasonically inspected for bond integrity.

6. City Machine Technologies, Inc. can manufacture in-house new shells, new labyrinth seals, new tilting pads and oil seal wipers. This enhances our ability to restore bearings to new condition. All Babbitt used is virgin ASTM B23-49 Grade 2 tin-based metal with certification.

City Machine Technologies, Inc. has specialized in this industry and perform all services in-house under the trade name CMT CentriCast. We have perfected the centrifugal casting of all sizes of Babbitt bearings and are also ready to assist you.

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