Ohm’s law — How a lifting magnet work


Industrial Lifting Magnets are very simple machines. They are nothing more than a string of wire wrapped around a magnetic core. This string of wire has resistance (ohms) that govern what current (amps) flows at a given voltage (volts). All DC magnets obey Ohm’s law. A magnet at room temperature, or ambient temperature, has the […]

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CMT offers on-site machining and other field service options


Middle of the night and your plant has a breakdown? What about a holiday breakdown? CMT offers 24/7/365 field service. Day or night our technicians arrive on-site with a fully-equipped service van that delivers portable machining equipment and other amenities of our shop to your door. CMT has vans dedicated to on-site machining jobs and […]

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What’s old is new again with industrial electric motors


Did you know that industrial electric motors are a renewable resource? Rewinding an industrial electric motor is a cost effective way to get equipment up and running quickly. The outer part of a motor, called a stator, can be decades old, but with motor rewinding, it will be like a new motor and function the […]

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