CMT’s main division is our motor repair shop


CMT’s motor repair shop is located at 825 MLK Boulevard in Youngstown, Ohio. The buildings have 50,000-square-feet with cranes through 35 tons, in addition to 16,000-square-feet of engineering and technical labs. Providing customers with the latest advances in apparatus rebuilding and testing has been the highest priority of our motor repair shop. Since 1985, CMT […]

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Save the Earth this April with electric motor rewinds


April is Earth Month, and we can think of nothing more greener than an electric motor rewind. An electric motor rewind can be done to make a motor workable again without the high cost of a new motor. At CMT, we can rewind a motor in an emergency, which means your downtime is minimal. Usually, […]

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CMT specializes in generator repairs


Industrial generators come in all different shapes, sizes and purposes. A generator does exactly what the name suggests: It generates electrical power. A generator is basically an electric motor driven by another power source such a second electric motor or diesel engine. Generator repairs are often required after a certain number of hours in service. […]

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