DC motor repair from inspection to remanufacturing


    CMT is a leader in the field of DC motor repair. A major steel producing company trusts us with their specialized roll table motors. These motors are completely inspected and remanufactured to standards that exceed the OEM. Our attention to detail directly relates to longer motor life. Longer motor life equals less down […]

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Powering up with industrial cable reels


Industrial cable reels are used to manage power cable anywhere a moveable power supply is required. They can be found on industrial equipment such as cranes, hoists or material transfer devices. Some cable reels may be powered by mechanical spring motors to allow for cable take-up. Many styles are designed with collector rings so that […]

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Pumping fresh water to you


All municipal infrastructures rely on effective and dependable equipment to supply their citizens with water. Fresh water is delivered and waste water is removed with the use of mechanical pumps that are driven by electric motors. These pumps are installed at specific pumping stations and require periodic overhauls in order to maintain an expected level […]

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