CMT’s machine shop offers manufacturing and repair of industrial parts and assemblies


CMT’s machine shop is a 17,000-square-foot building with cranes through 20 tons ready to serve you. The skilled machinists in our fully equipped machine shop use the latest equipment to create the most reliable repair or replacement components possible. This, along with our cost-effective and innovative methods of restoring or enhancing machine performance, is a […]

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Pop quiz: What is this?


What is this thing? A paint mixer? A drive motor from a locomotive? A robot? This is a specialty high speed gearbox, used on a turbine generator at a public utility company for producing electricity. The gearbox is a speed increaser, and it drives the exciter unit for the generator. Babbitt bearings are installed in […]

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CNC machining: For manufacturing and repairing items


CNC machining, otherwise known as Computer Numerical Controlled machining, is a process that allows for the accurate manufacture and/or repair of items. This process is recognized as the industry standard in machining.  All types of metalworking machinery are available as CNC equipment. CMT features lathes, milling machines, and a burning table all with CNC operation. […]

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