What is a journal bearing?


Simply put, a journal bearing is a shaft or journal rotating in a bearing. The shaft rotates in the bearing with a layer of lubricant separating the two parts. Because journal bearings are designed to reduce load friction, they are often used when the load is light and the motion is continuous. With a journal […]

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What is dynamic balancing?


Dynamic balancing is simply the practice of spinning a rotating apparatus, such as a drive shaft or armature at a high rate of speed in a balancing machine. Vibration is reduced by subtracting or adding weight. A balancing machine is outfitted with sensors, and once a rotating piece has been brought up to the pre-determined […]

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How do you make a Babbitt bearing?


Babbitt bearings are made in a few simple steps. Bearing shells are restored by melting out the original Babbitt material. The grit is blasted from the shells. The bearing shells are inspected and immersed in a 100% molten tin bath to assure a good bond for the new Babbitt. The prepared shell is placed into […]

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